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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Effective tweeting

Many people ask me how I get good results with Twitter, and they are very bad.
This is happening from two main reasons and they are: The first reason is that their tweets are not interesting. This is because their fallowerse are not interested for that, because they follow everyone, and everyone follows them, and to work just to have as much fallowersa.
For example: if you promote, the 'ways how to lose weight, and your fallowerse make people interested in ecology, fun, jokes, online earnings, and so on. Of course, that no one care about your weight loss products. But if most of your fallowersa make people interested in weight loss ways, then you will have good results.
The second reason is that people post bad tweets. You should be different from other people, to interest people, to give them a reason to click your link. For the bunch of other tweets why would they clicked on your link.Write something different from others, and do not always advertise something.
For example: I have one site that I have a lot of fun things, and I have very many visits from twitter, as funny pictures, wallpapers, amazing videos and so on. And while other people as time posts: Best Joke ever, funniest pictures, amazing videos and so on. I do something a little different. On my site has a video clip, where the tiger fighting against crocodile, I wrote a post that reads like this' in the battle between the tiger and crocodile, what do you think who will win ', and left a link to the video. And I got hundreds of clicks.
How to find these people?
Simply go to find people the option, type in there what you are interested, for example, 'funny'. See who has a lot of fallowersa, go to their profile, see if that is what you are looking for, if so, see their fallowerse, and simply begin to fallowing these people, and they will start to follow you. It is important to look at when they made the last post, do not follow the inactive people.
And that is it, people start fallowing!

You can fallow me on twitter, just click on twitter icon at the top of side bar.

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