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Saturday, July 18, 2009

How I use twitter to get more visitors

Many people ask me how I get lots of clicks with twitter. On one of my profile I have only 40 followers, and getting from 8 to 10 clicks per post, how?
First and most importantly, as I said in the previous post, you follow people that interest you, and they will fallow you back. You need to create an interesting post, which is different from the others.
The most effective way is if you ask a question. On one of my sites have a video about the battle between the tiger and crocodile. This post has appeared: in the battle between the tiger and crocodile, what do you think who will win: view the video, and of course leave the link.
People do not like to read but love to watch. Offer them a video and a lot more people will click on your link.
Another example: in one of the early posts I wrote about the exchange of banners, and my post on twitter looked like this' it is banner exchange die, 'I got twenty clicks on this post.
You must gain the trust of people, that you do not post ads all the time, but to send them to your site or a blog, where can see something interesting. When you gain their trust, you will receive regular visitors, not only from twitter, but they will seek you and Google, Yahoo, MSN ...
If you use one of the sites that help twitter, use hootsuit, because they place links that your followers can click, as opposed, tweetlater set of links that can not be clicked.


  1. hej i find you on tnf and i came to check out your blog
    keep up with a good job

    hope you visit my blog too

    take care and have a nice day

  2. Bravo! But the problem is how to moneytize that clicks. In one of my blogs (I've 13 blogs) I got 700+ visitors and I've got $6.23 worth of adsense. How come? Because not all of them clicks on ads. Bloggers don't click ads that's the bitter truth because they know somebody earns if they did...ask John Chow,CarlOcab,and other bloggers who rakes in thousands of dollars on their blogs if they click ads on blogs subscribed to their they don't! Only unsuspecting people who know nothing about adsense program would click your ads. However, if you're after Page Rank targeted traffic is good if your target is advertisers but they comes in only to advertise in your website if you've a higher PR.

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