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Friday, July 31, 2009

Check your page rank

Many Webmasters have a problem with the exchange of links. They say that the exchange of the hundreds and even thousands of links, but Google has registered only a few, not even registered links from related sites. Why?

This happens because many of these sites with which they are exchanged links are very poor or are not ranked at all. So when you exchange links, first check their page rank, and then exchange the links.

If the site that you exchanging links is ranked well, it is not so important to be close related with your site.
For example: I have a site with amazing videos and funny pictures, and Google has registered a link to my site, from the site that sells early pregnancy tests, which is not related to my site at all, but the site has a page rank 4th.

Your page rank can be from 1 to 10, with 10 as the best, but the rank 10 have only to Google, Yahoo, YouTube, and a few other big sites. Other sites have average rank 3 and 4, and with them you need to exchange links.

Recently, I stumbled across a blog that has a great page rank checking tool, which shows you page rank, Alexa rank, number of back links, MSN search results and Yahoo search results.

Click here to check your page rank.

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  1. want to exchange links?

    do you have any way of contacting your link partners?



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