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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How to find more Twitter follower

Many people ask me how to find more Twitter followers.

Until a month ago the most easy way to find a bunch of Twitter followers is that you just start to follow hundreds of people, give them a week and see who of them started to follow you. After a week go to Your Twitter Karma site (in one of my previous posts you will find a link), see who does not follow you from these people that you follow and simply highlight and click unfolow bulk. Today it is no longer possible, Twitter is limited to a hundred people, then it will consider that you spamin people, that can lead to terminate your account.

So the best way to find hundreds of followers, is simply to promote your Twitter link. Log into your twitter account, and on profile page of your twitter account, you'll find in browser twitter URL (, it is a link that you should be promoted.

If you do not have a website or blog that is very popular, the simplest way to find followers is to leave your link in different forums, start a discussion or join if already have this issue, and start to follow these people and they in turn will follow you.

Another way is microworkers, you pay where you pay people 6.7 or 8 cents to start followin you on twitter, this is a good way because they will follow you and you do not follow them, and when other people see that you have more followers than you Follow they will think that you provide useful information and they will start to follow you, and your Twitter profile will always be placed on the first page and you'll get more followers, and links that comes with your twitter prifila will be evaluated on Google .

The third way is to join the social sites for bloggers and webmasters, like MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog, StumbleUpon etc. .. When you join one of these sites, join in a group and start a new topic or find the topic where people follow each other on twitter. Start to follow on Twitter person who started the topic, but also people who have left their twitter link. Join the several groups and find as many related topics twitter and start to follow these people and they will follow you. He StumbleUpon find as many friends and send them your twitter profile, and send them messages where you ask them nice to start to follow you on Twitter, about half of them will follow you on twitter.

The fourth way are the traffic exchange sites such as EasyHits4U, TrafficNowFire and others. Start to promote your Twitter profile with a message if they are followed you, you'll follow them, and people will start to follow you, and do not forgotten that you must follow them.

That's it, start to apply this method and you will start to receive hundreds of followers every day.

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