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Friday, August 28, 2009

Calculate The Number of Words In Your Post

I noticed that many people use Free Traffic System, to get as many as they can one way links to there site or blog. I use this site, and gives more or less good results to me.
The point is to correctly choose the blogs that you want your text to be posted, many people choose the wrong blogs, and they grant them only five or six blogs, so they get only five or six links.
The point is that you must write the text that has 300 or more than 450 words, and you must be the author of this text, if you steal text and they detect, they will delete your account and they will report it to Google.
When we write the text, we do not know how many words have the text, we can assume, or go to a site that has automated word counter. Recently I found an excellent counter, which is often used by me simply for curiosity, to see how many words have my posts, but for business to, when I write various reviews, Ezine articles, posts for Free Traffic System and so on.
This Counter is doing very well and is easy to use, simply copy the text you want in the box that says 'Welcome to JavaScript Kit, the JavaScript technology center' and click 'Calculate Words'.
If you copy my post, you will see that there are 150 words in this post.

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