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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Foray into deep space through 100 years

The U.S. military is definitely forward-thinking. These days, preparations began to colonize planets outside our Solar System that is scheduled to begin, at best, for a hundred years.

Leaders of the U.S. armed forces have no doubt that the preparation of plans should begin immediately because the need for their completion of at least a century, the British tabloid transmitting "San". To "Star Trek" have poured in reality, they lack even one small thing - the drive motor that will enable spacecraft distance to the planets suitable for colonization travels in a hundred years. Currently the fastest spacecraft that people have sent into space, "Voyager", with a speed of 61,000 kilometers per hour, the journey would take 70,000 years trivial. American generals optimistically expect that in the next hundred years, researchers found a solution to this problem.
For the problem of limited space-century colonists, who, if human life is extended dramatically, it would not be able to experience the end of the journey, there are different ideas. Concrete solutions for the U.S. Agency for advanced research of defense systems (DARPA) has half a million dollars in prize money. Some of the possible solutions are the "freezing" of astronauts during the trip or send an embryo to be born when they are close to a new home.

Talks on a project called "The centennial staršip study" will last for the next 12 weeks during which they should bring the main conclusions and plans, but also to determine the destination of this trip. The first peak is some of the planet in the Alpha Centauri system.

Stephen Hawking about colonization

FAMOUS astrophysicist Stephen Hawking is one of the biggest advocates of space colonization. He recently published a blog in which he pointed out that the Earth will not be able to save the planet and it is necessary to seek a new one.

- It will be difficult to avoid catastrophe in the next hundred years, let alone the next millennium - Hawking said. - The human race should not keep all your eggs in one basket, or on one planet.

And the aliens ...

NASA's scientist - Domagal Sean Goldman in his study of the close encounter, as one possible scenario stated their intervention on the ground.

He claims that an alien intelligence that is concerned with harmony in the universe may not have too much understanding for people and their ability to destruction of the only planet on which they live. In order to prevent our expansion into other solar systems would be aliens, according to a study, to solve the problem by invading Earth.

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