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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Women in Heritage - Policy

More than 20 wives, daughters, sisters, world leaders took up political positions. In America, 38 and eight Congresswoman Senator since 1921. inherited by his wife.

TRADITIONAL wives from husbands, fathers, brothers inherit the estate, homes, money. Today, it seems, in a fashion that they are leaving and the legacy - political chair.

Recent history does not record that such a large number of women around the world took up positions to which paved the way their male relatives. According to research by the British weekly "The Economist", more than 20 women who are in kinship with the recent heads of state, prime ministers, parliamentarians ... are now themselves become politically powerful in their own countries.

To high functions have propelled it, more or less due to abilities, but "brand" names of famous family has successfully done its part - good connections and financial support. At one time the daughter of Winston Churchill British Prime Minister, Violet Bonham Carter, when she said that her father has talked like a child on state business, he replied: "I wish I could, so to speak with his father."

In the modern world, the type of benefits that were associated with Carter, for many women assimilated into high political positions. Last in the series is Jingluk Shinawatra, who earlier this month recorded a victory in elections in troubled Thailand. Her followers to question whether, if they like former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, to give his younger sister a chance, says enough about the roots of its success.

In the United States, known for their powerful family "dynasties", from Kennedy to Bush, the case of former President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton, who sat in senatorial chair, firing back at the White House but šefovskoj position to become state Secretary, the most notable example is the sound surnames women in high politics of America. The trend in the U.S., however, "foster" for decades. Since 1921. Senator least eight years and 38 members of the House of Representatives has inherited his wife in the U.S. Congress.

America in this regard is no exception. It is known that the meridians and the other widows or daughters inherited the position of the deceased politician. President of India's ruling Congress party Sonia Gandhi, widow of former Prime Minister Rajiv, the powerful Gandhi dynasty, which was an offshoot of the former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. In Sri Lanka are not one but both parents of President Kumaratunga Čandrike (1994-2005) was the premiere.

Daughters suited male members of powerful political families sometimes prefer sons over daughters, which are not considered promising, either because of preference for a pleasant life or disability. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Benazir was elected to lead the Pakistan People's Party, bypassing the son Murtaza, who was also a member of parliament. Thaksin Shinawatra of seven siblings, the youngest elected Jingluk - and met the expectations.

In Latin America, reinforces the trend of "transferring" the presidential office between spouses. The tradition, which was established in the recent history of Isabel, Juan Peron third wife, was continued in Argentina. Beautiful Cristina Fernandez's successor in the presidential "throne" of Argentina, now deceased, wife of Nestor Kirchner.

Daughters of fathers are especially powerful, and perhaps most striking, the chapter in this story. Ang San Suu Kyi is a decade-long struggle has become a global symbol of resistance to the authoritarian regime, but it drew strength from the family roots. Her father, Ang San, led the resistance movement of Myanmar.

The entire "series" daughters, grandchildren even, powerful father inherited the will to power - in nežnijoj variants. As Alessandra Mussolini in Italy showed "gentle" face of fascism who advocated her grandfather Benito, so Marie Le Pen in France "umivenija" version of his father, former ultra-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen. On the other hand its zamljakinja Aubrey Martin, daughter of former European Commission President Jacques Delors. Both are potential presidential candidates in the next elections in France.

With Le Pen and Obrijevu on the world stage today, "circulated" a considerable number of daughters interested in the most powerful positions in their countries. Such ambition has a high-Gun Park, the daughter of former South Korean President Park Chung-daughter. I had them, and Keiko Fujimori, daughter of former Peruvian President Alberto Fudžimorija, but her luck in the elections this year was not loaded. To try his luck only intends Zhur Rios Mont, the daughter of former Guatemalan dictator Efrain and Dariga Nazarbayev they consider the possible successor to President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

These ladies have shared the big names that give them a starting advantage over those who have yet to create. The question remains how this kind of political dynasties and successors give necessary credibility.

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