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Monday, March 5, 2012

Since the creation of the world 108 billion people born

How far were living on Earth - scientists believe 107 602 707 000 people. On the one living people - 15 dead.

How many people lived on earth since the time when our species emerged - one of those "eternal questions". The latest attempt to provide answers just completed a large American study, the result is - the "foundation of the world" to this day is born 107 602 707 000 people. So, almost 108 billion.

Currently we have more than seven billion. Which means that residents living on a planet comes 15 dead. At present the country's population is 6.5 percent of total births of people.

Scientists believe that 8,000 years BC, world population numbered some five million people. Until a new era čovečenstvo slow growing - the figure of 300 million people it took 8,000 years. The population density was different, even more divided than it is today, because it is directly dependent on climatic factors and natural resources.

However, life expectancy was short. Newborn mortality was extremely high - from 1000 up to 500 babies died immediately. Because humanity is so slow and grow.

By the first year of the new era the world had 300 million people. It is assumed that the Roman Empire, from Spain to Asia Minor, had a 14th The 45 million inhabitants.

By the 1650th The world population has grown to about 500 million. Growth has slowed considerably plague. The disease began taking its toll since the 542nd in western Asia, from where it spread throughout the world. It is believed that half the population of the Byzantine Empire, about 100 million people died of plague during the sixth century.

About 1800. The number of people on Earth has exceeded one billion.

How long we exist

Estimate the total number of births of people depends largely on two factors: how long we exist as a species and how many of us were at different times.

When the true homo sapiens appeared still subject to controversy, but it seems that the earliest date at about 700,000 years BC. And our "modern cousins" appeared 50,000 years BC. It is this period scientists are taken as the key to resolving the dilemma is how many total members of the human race was born.

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