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Monday, March 26, 2012

Best Rock Songs Ever

Much of rock and roll, from its earliest days, has revolved around adrenaline-stoked energy and a sense of jubilation. It’s hardly surprising, therefore, that some of rock’s greatest songs celebrate the genre itself. From Bill Haley and The Comets’ “Rock Around the Clock” to the Velvet Underground’s “Rock and Roll” (“her life was saved by rock and roll,” sang Lou Reed), the genre has yielded countless anthems that pay homage to rock’s visceral power. So I created my own list, I know that everyone has an opinion, which songs are the best, and it is quite the fine, because we are not all the same. The list is not complete, whenever I hear a good rock song I post it in list.
I create YouTube Playlis, just click "play" and it will automatically start playing song by song.

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