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Monday, June 11, 2012

How to get ripped abs fast

Hi friends, If you’re looking for the best way to get ripped abs then I’m really glad you found my blog and I would strongly suggest you keep reading. I made this post as a way to share my own story about what I finally did to get ripped abs.

My story to get ripped abs may be a little different from the norm. When I was younger I used to be a guy with a really small frame. I always got teased for been the skinny guy. 

I didn’t know how to get ripped abs fast like the ones some of my friends had so I was in no way going to put my ab-less abdominals on display. I was constantly getting shut down by girls because of my body. All the guys with the ripped abs had to do was take off their shirts at a pick-up basketball game and the girls there would be at full attention.

Fat Burning Phase

The first part to how to get ripped abs fast is having regular cardio workout to keep your body fat percentage low. Your diet should consist of moderate carbohydrate, moderate protein and low fat. Try metabolic cooking to include some fat burning foods too. You don’t want to consume more calories than you burn because this won’t burn the fats in your body.

You can try arranging with your friends jogging sessions a few days in a week. Or you can even try going for a basketball game or engage in any sports you enjoy. The idea here is to burn fat and doing it in any way which appeals to you.  

What Exercises Can You Do To Get Ripped Abs Fast? 

- Full Vertical Crunch. This one is great because it recruits all your ab muscles by getting your upper body and your lower body into the action.Lie on your back and lift your legs up toward the ceiling. Put your hands behind your head and lift your shoulder blades a little of the floor – this will contract your abs. While you do this, stretch your legs upward as if you’re trying to get your heels on the ceiling.What you want to aim for is to make your body into a “u” shape. Lower yourself back to starting position. This should be done for between 10 and fifteen reps each time. 

- Hanging Abdominal Crunch. This is relatively easy even for beginners. Start by lifting yourself up on a sturdy parallel bar or doorframe using your arms. Once you get your balance curl your knees and draw it inward to your belly. Stay that way for ten seconds and repeat.

 - “Long Arm Crunch”. This easy to perform exercise will focus on your upper abs. Start out by Lying on your back (on a mat if you have one) with your arms stretched out in a straight line behind your head.You’ll know you’re doing it right if your arms are near or touching your ears! Contract your abs to lift your shoulder blades off the floor. Perform 10-15 reps per set. 

- Sit Ups With a Twist. Lay on your back on a smooth surface taking care that both your feet are touching each other. Once done start lifting them both at the same time while in the same position. This will force your muscles in the abdomen to react and contract with each repetition. Do about 5 sets of this exercise.

- Classic Sit Ups. Who would neglect to do tried-and-true sit ups? Using the same position as the sit ups with a twist, you can start raising your upper body to bring the force down on your abdomen. Do this for about three sets. For added better results you can combine one or two of these exercises in succession.

- Vertical Leg Crunch. Here’s a good one for your obliques. Start by Lying face up on the floor, legs straight up and cross your knees.contract your abs and lift your shoulder blades off the floor – in this exercise, imagine that you’re trying to touch your chest to your feet (this will make sure you’re doing it right).Lower your body and do this 10 to fifteen times for each set.

Keep in mind that you also have to schedule a day or two for a much needed rest. The muscles in your abdomen and arms can only withstand so much pressure in a matter of days. Muscles are built when you are sleeping or at rest. Now that you have learned how to get ripped abs you can go ahead and practice what you have read.


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