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Monday, June 4, 2012

Women do not know how to tell jokes

Nearly 80 percent of the joke, and caveats that tell ladies, even when they are not blonde, not to cause laughter. Women weave a story and connect a series of comic points, while the men fired jokes.

It may sound like a joke that women do not know how to tell jokes, but a recent survey in Britain showed that 80 percent of humorous caveats arising from the mouth of a lady met with complete silence (and disbelief), while 90 percent of fora and tricks up their sleeves to throw men followed by laughter or at least approval.

My colleague at work told a joke, all held in the stomach - says Marijana S. - I get home. Recount a joke, a husband and kids look at me like I was crazy.

After decades of experience in writing comedy, Wanda Sykes American confirms that women's voices are often silenced where it decides what is funny.

- A woman told joke and - nothing. Then the man told the same joke and all are calved from laughter. So she just said the same thing!

This is part of the "tribal behavior" that women understand and difficult to understand - reveals research in the UK. During the study, Dr. Alex Baxter and her team looked at seven meetings of employees in large companies, some of which have had a man and a woman in the head.

- Women are no less ridiculous, but simply using humor in a different way from men - Dr. Baxter's opinion.

"Stand ap" veteran Kate Clinton, who is engaged in this form of comedy from the eighties of last century, says that unlike male humor, based on the "firing" jokes and expected extremely laughter reaction is typical of women to weave a story, linking a series of comic points .

Male humor is mostly made up of jokes, a lady, and that in 70 percent of cases, they like to joke on their own account - to be honest - completely without success.

The people believe that there are people who know how to tell funny jokes, which often is not true.

- They are, regardless of gender, only the would-be "champions" drama section.

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