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Monday, August 20, 2012

Flying cars

Price $ 300,000, Americans by "driver" asking flight training. "Transition" concluded wings and so turns in a street car, PAL is more like a helicopter and on the street turns into a tricycle.

Seen before only in Hollywood science fiction movies, flying cars may soon become part of our everyday life. The experts at research centers say that this year we would be able to witness, and some people, flying first four-wheeler.

A vehicle that has successfully survived the first tests of the year, ready for sale. The price will be around $ 300,000, and will first appear on the market this year. Since the owner of the car will have to have 20 hours of flight training before they soar the skies time.

"Transition" Company "Terrafugia" aircraft that enters the leaf and so turns in a street car. After takeoff, can a tank of fuel to fly about 740 kilometers, carrying two people and luggage, and only later transformed into ground car.

Another type of flying car, known as PAL, is more like a helicopter than a plane. Developed by the Dutch company, the car has a propeller at the rear, which gives the acceleration and keeps it in the air. At home, he works as a tricycle. According to the characteristics and prices similar to "Transition".

In parallel with this project, is developing a more comprehensive and relating solely to the future in flying cars. At these private aircraft's that would completely replace the earthly auto traffic, but it is within the "Mycopter", with financial support from the EU.

Price and operate these vehicles the future seems, however, a minor problem compared to the issues that the mass use of flying cars opened. Questions and no small concern to the heavenly roads, provision of collisions, control drunk driver ...

For now, "Transition" has an experimental license to move to the U.S., where there are the best conditions to test the airport's 5,000 public and private catwalk so much more. Although "Transition" fits into a regular garage and has a fuel capacity of 87 liters, it is 520 meters to run to soar into the air.

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