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Monday, August 13, 2012

Hitler's commander killed Nikola Tesla?

Skorcini Otto, commander of Hitler's special purpose units in his autobiography says that the bag suffocated great genius in his hotel room on Christmas 1943rd year.

In the night of 15 July 1903rd years, Tesla was his inventions "burned" the skies over New York, a glow and spilled over the vast expanses of the Atlantic Ocean. It was only a prelude to what would probably followed that Tesla was not interrupted with experiments.

It's about this. The voltage difference between the ionosphere and the earth's surface is about two million volts. Tesla's idea was to use the difference to generate electricity and use for practical purposes. The sending of various coordinated (harmonic) oscillations, Tesla towers could come in interaction with long-wave frequency of the ionosphere and so empty, as empty ordinary electrical capacitors. It is fortunate that Tesla first came to these findings and to prepare people to protect themselves. Namely, if the discharge is made ​​to randomly there could be horrific consequences that vividly describe Dr. Velimir Abramovic:

- From the ionosphere at once came down to the high energy plasma column of large diameter, and perhaps a few hundred kilometers and all of that area would be destroyed, burned down in a way that is described in the biblical legends ruin of Sodom and Gomorrah.

However, Tesla did not rule out the possibility that the experiments continue when the time comes and it says:

"My project was delayed by natural laws. The world for him was not yet ready. He was too ahead of time in which it originated. But these same laws of nature will eventually prevail and the project will be repeated along with winning success. "

Tesla, who, lonely and misunderstood, the last twenty years of his life working on the theories and projects that were far ahead of time in which he lived.

"Philadelphia Experiment"

According to Dr. Abramovich, the U.S. Army was interested in some of these theories and they were ready to test their practical value of the project. One of them is the "Rainbow Project", also known as the "Philadelphia Experiment". It can be related to Tesla's hints that it is through the electromagnetic field is moving in time and space.Svrha project was to make the ships "invisible" to radar observations.

What is Tesla's role in this "project invisibility"?

At Princeton University in 1933. The education "Institute for Advanced Studies," in which leading scientists were Albert Einstein and John von Neumann. When in 1936. The "Project Invisibility" was transferred to Princeton University, Tesla was named director of the group that worked on it. To 1940. years, were carried out successful tests on small vessels in the military Brooklyn shipyard. This created conditions for the experiment carried out with the destroyer "Eldrič DE-173". However, during the development program there have been serious disagreements between Tesla and Von Neumann. The Tesla was aware of possible danger health and life, was against the presence of the crew on board during the experiment. On this occasion there was in March 1942. The bickering continued with von Neumann, after which it withdrew from the project Tesla invisibility. Ten months after that, Tesla died on Orthodox Christmas, 7 January 1943.


As a young associate, Al Bielek has participated in "Project Invisibility". He claims that Tesla murdered "because he knew a lot." The murder was linked to Hitler's most capable commander, and special purpose units, Oto Skorcini. Among others he organized the arrest of Horti in Hungary and successful rescue of Mussolini in Italy.

After the war he was allowed to stay undisturbed in Franco's Spain. In his recollections Skorcini writes that he personally killed Nikola Tesla,
suffocate with bag. This dubious claim, corroborated the story of the Nazis had made several submarine unloaded and came to America.

Yet the prevailing opinion that Tesla died of natural causes on which the doctor says Abramovic:

- The Tesla's death was a kind of celebration of his personal and more resembled a soul conscious move to another plane of existence, but the death of a famous man of ordinary, confused and frightened before emancipation. For two days before moving moment of the soul, Tesla has stopped working and closed the hotel room, asking that no one interferes. When the director of the hotel maid, and finally entered, they found it elegantly dressed, lying dead hands crossed on his chest, completely ready to go ...


In a series of interesting facts about Tesla, it is particularly puzzling why concealment of important occurrences in his life. By studying the area Dr. Abramovich came to unexpected discoveries. He believes, as stated in the "third eye", that is intentionally removed from the public, a substantial part of Tesla's scientific work, then his character in the film, the voice and the only portrait. Riddle deepens some data. For example, Tesla was shot several times, a maximum of 1936th , when it was done three and a half hours of live sound film on the occasion of his
eighty anniversary. The public has no voice of Tesla, although he did just with Edison and was one of the first people on earth who could use a sound recording. There is not a portrait that is painted Countess Sent Paralji, most Americans recognize the portrait of that era. Dr. Abramovich still believes that thousands of physicists in the world "all of their hopes for the revival of Tesla's ideas and their technical solutions that should eventually lead to mastery of the psychological, biological and physical processes.  

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