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Monday, August 27, 2012

Treats for wantonly rich

World contrasts, hungry or satiated not believe: the poor do not have to bread, cake serving in New York from 18,700 dollars. The most expensive 800 euros tiny cookies, hamburger less than 300.

Yes, the food is more expensive, but some people just do not care for it. These are the ones that have a good business, own mafia organization, we are lode the lottery, or are already at birth, happily drawn from the drum. They do not have the appetite while looking after the tripe in sauce yellow menu: instead, you shall request "extravagant burger" from the Japanese "wagyu" beef. I'll think they got through ...

And maybe it really so, since that piece of meat in a New York restaurant "Serendipity 3" costs "only" 293 dollars. And for lunch, I could soup in London, as already practiced by many wealthy to "plunge" between the two cities and several times a week.

The magic fluid in the London café "Kai Mayfair" is called "Buddha jumps over the wall." Ingredients: shark tails, sea snails, mushrooms "Japanese flower", sea cucumber, dried clams, chicken, cooked ham from the Chinese province of Hunan, pork and ginseng. Price: 108 pounds.

All that you recommended Bi-Bi-lightening section for travel. And, far from being expensive entree to break down some of the "slum" dry walnut cookies or pies. A quick trip to the Middle East, there are good tufahije, and dessert for the local CSD 3676, approximately 800 euros. These are the most expensive small cookies in the world, and make them edible leaves of 23-carat gold, pretty gold dust and organic strawberries. They are called "Golden Phoenix", and must be ordered two days in advance.

During this time, the rich in Dubai does not have to sit hungry and thirsty - to address this second sense, until recently, they were able to stop by the famous hotel "Burj al Arab" and try his cocktail "27,321". Named after
saucy dinar amount you are looking for this type of beverage. That is, namely, 7.400 dollars. The compound is a 55 year old whiskey from the homeland of world miser - Scotland. Although the six months came down at ten spendthrift "27,321" from 18-carat cup, the hotel has stopped offering it to guests.

Yet the center of the world (and high prices) continue in the West on its trans-axle. In the aforementioned New York restaurant "Serendipity 3" serve the most expensive dessert in the world, a frozen chocolate treat of 18,713 dollars. It has 28 different types of cocoa, and 5 grams of edible 23-karat gold and gold flakes. Served with edible gold leaves is a diamond bracelet. Eating a golden spoon, decorated with diamonds in three colors.


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