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Monday, May 20, 2013

Canon EOS 550D review

Canon EOS Rebel T2i is also known as Canon EOS 550d in Europe. 

 I simply got this camera nowadays (finally associate degree accessible body solely since I even have no use for the kit lens) and that i am awed. I had done lots of analysis on this before shopping for it thus I knew what to expect in terms of each the massive upgrade problems furthermore because the very little tweaks they need done, a number of that prove to be very terrific. If you\'re coming back from another Canon the menus and interface are going to be habit. supported another terribly positive review simply denote, coming back from Nikon it is also a simple step. Here area unit some early observations

Canon EOS 550DThe Best:
A huge bump in ISO. This was one in all the 2 main reasons I upgraded from my creditworthy (and still good) XSI. I even have created some take a look at shots associate degreed despite increasing to an eighteen MP device the noise isn\'t abundant of a problem and that i shot many pics at ISO 3200 that look quite smart. I then shot some in 6400 that did begin to indicate some noise within the low light-weight however still created for serviceable photos. i\'m wanting forward to seeing what it\'ll do around a fire at associate degree coming habitation trip with my daughter! My XSI despite a F/2.8 lens couldn\'t do abundant thereupon within the past.

The other main draw on behalf of me was video. I dream of having the ability to bring only one camera to, say, film maker and have it do double duty and that i suppose this one might eff. So far, I even have solely shot a handful scenes in fairly low light-weight and focus could be a little bit of a challenge however by zooming in and permitting the camera to come back to focus before the shot it\'s manageable. I expect this to not be the maximum amount of a problem in brighter light-weight. take care to modify car focus throughout video within the menu - i believe it\'s disabled by default owing to the noise several lenses build with focusing as that might be recorded furthermore. I even have 2 USM / \"L\" lenses so shouldn\'t be a tangle on behalf of me however your mileage might vary. I additionally commit to attempt some manual focusing. confine mind that video clips for full 1080P thirty independent agency area unit restricted to regarding twelve minutes - I distressed regarding this slightly till i spotted that after I edit my videos shots area unit seldom longer than four minutes (and of that I typically keep simply two or less). That said, this camera isn\'t the one to settle on to record, say, a stage production. For that a frenzied video camera ready to record associate degree hour or a lot of at a time could be a should.

The Good:
Better Live read - Live read mode is currently way more accessible and in additional modes.

Sensor Size - eighteen MP device is good for cropping and taking full advantage of \"L\" glass if you have got it. aside from that, this is often not a significant draw from my perspective. i might even have most popular this be a twelve MP camera permitting low-noise nice pics to, say, over 20000 ISO.

Memory kind - This camera uses American state kind cards as well as the new ultrahigh capability cards. i do know it\'s alittle matter however i prefer having the ability to use the cards I even have instead of having to however some pricey CF cards (such as utilized by the 7D). confine mind that they advocate category half-dozen or higher cards for video (I got a handful sixteen GB category ten cards for regarding $40 every that ought to match the bill). i am going to use my older cards only for stills.

Stereo Mic Input - this enables the choice of employing a higher mic than the in-built mic. i\'ll ne\'er profit of that however i believe i will be able to, actually. Of course, inclusion of a stereo mic would are even better!

Misc - lots of very little things regarding this camera already impress ME. for instance, they enraptured the \"no flash\" setting on the most dial to right next to full car and my most used setting \"portrait\" mode and faraway from the way finish since they realised lots of individuals use it (that\'s in line with a video I saw on-line with a Canon employee). There area unit lots of very little touches like that that I even have already noticed .

The Bad: (really not thus unhealthy in several ways)
The build quality isn\'t 7D (which I even have simply handled at a store). The metallic element body thereon unhealthy boy simply makes it feel terribly solid and by comparison the T2i will feel not low cost however will feel light-weight. On the opposite hand less weight is nice (especially at places like Disney) and this camera is fittingly being tagged a \"baby 7D\" in terms of device chip, etc. Of course, having an additional $1000 in your pocket (or not on your charge card) is another large advantage over the 7D.

It is not a full frame camera. this implies there\'s a \"crop factor\" owing to the chip size that effectively multiplies by one.6 the focal distance of lens you\'re victimisation (as compared to thirty five metric linear unit film cameras or full-frame cameras just like the 5D Mk II. Since i used to be coming back from associate degree XSI that after all is additionally a smaller device on behalf of me there\'s no transition to create here.

In summary, i\'m more than happy with this purchase and expect this to be my camera body till my final camera is free (full frame, stereo mic, uses American state cards, useable ISO to >100,000 all for underneath $1000 - i do know, i do know this is often be} a phantasy currently however associate degree (old) child can dream, can\'t he?)

UPDATE: I even have had this camera for a handful weeks currently and have had the chance to shoot many photos and quite an few videos. i\'m still terribly affected. Stills area unit nice and therefore the focusing is markedly improved over the XSI. the sole foggy shots i purchase area unit once panning to follow my dogs running among trees - to the device the trees appear to be moving and area unit deemed the topic - stopping down the lens to extend DOF (or simply taking an entire bunch of pictures) is that the simple fix.

Now, concerning video. it\'s more difficult than i assumed to use a DSLR camera for video. this is often a lot of associate degree engineering science issue with the shape issue for the camera than any issue with the T2i itself. Video is after all composed by gazing the LCD screen so the camera should be control out a little degree|somewhat|slightly|alittle} - and with the load of an honest lens it gets pretty serious in distinction to typical small camcorders of nowadays. puzzling over it, trendy video cameras have gotten to the current stage of evolution when over twenty years (anyone keep in mind the previous VHS camcorders?), thus i suppose it\'s to be expected there would be a distinction. Focus isn\'t fast am passionate about it is with an honest video camera however appears best achieved to ME anyway with manual focus. The large, bright LCD screen helps during this regard. the standard of the ensuing video is great. though i do not see this as exchange my Sony HD video camera for day-after-day associate degreed vacation recording I do suppose that it\'ll be useable to require the role of each still and video camera throughout an coming trip to film maker. I additionally suspect as i purchase a lot of wont to it that the convenience of use can increase more and maybe in some unspecified time in the future it\'ll be my solely video camera. Overall, this is often a good product and that i stay more than happy.

Thanks to all for the regeneration on this review! i\'m change when several months with this nice camera. I even have taken thousands of images and still be astonished at the standard. The T3i is currently setting out and to ME seems to be an equivalent camera with a handful upgrades. One feature which can be of interest is that the ability to trigger external flash units from the camera itself (the T2i cannot do this); however i believe the majority shooting within the studio can have that coated in another method already. i believe the foremost exciting feature of the T3i is associate degree articulating LCD screen on the rear. If you intend to use this camera for lots of video this might be definitely worth the further price. Please note that almost all of the constraints in my review on top of for T2i still apply, however. i\'m hoping for a few technique of speedy optical device on a future model. If like ME you shoot principally stills and use the video \"in a pinch\" or once you need terribly top quality video - then my recommendation would be to urge the T2i and place the cash saved into a pleasant prime lens or maybe place it away for a few \"L\" glass zooms. This camera works nice with the 24-70 and 70-200 f2.8 zooms, by the way, the mix on behalf of me is unbeatable.

As a aspect note, if you happen to possess any sixteen GB category ten American state cards from AData (as I did) please investigate reviews before trusting them with the recording of any necessary photos / video.

Canon EOS Rebel T2i 18 MP CMOS APS-C Sensor DIGIC 4 Image Processor Full-HD Movie Mode Digital SLR Camera with a 3.0-Inch LCD and Dedicated Movie Button (Body Only)

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