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Monday, May 13, 2013

Convict with three stars

Prisons in Europe are becoming more comfortable, many offenders its not worth to run away and be free. In Austria, single rooms, Scandinavians sent to the sun ...

While many states are accused of actually one big prison - more or less comfortable - some countries have meanwhile equip their prisons, and hotels.

The Austrian correctional institution "Leoben" intended to punish non-violent crimes, such as theft, each inmate receives a single room with a private bathroom, kitchenette and TV. The building's exterior in the style of, say, the current business centers, reminiscent of some business parks in New Belgrade. Do not you have inmates "convicted" of solitude in one and the same room - they can choose a gym, sports hall (it has a basket, but most Austrians barely know the rules of basketball) and the open part of recreation.

So who is the bad atmosphere at home and at work is at the mercy of bosses, authorities in Vienna provide them with the opportunity for a change in lifestyle and habits. It is enough - that, for example, to steal something ...

Austria is the only European nation with great care to preserve the quality of life of sinners with good chances for redemption. Scandinavia is and has always been there - the avant-garde. Norwegians were 100 convicts, as in the Soviet Union during Stalin's purges, sent to - the island. His name is Bastoj, which can also sound Soviet. Population living on houses and working on the prison farm. Robby's playing tennis, catching fish and sunbathing. Be careful, of course, the UV factor, but the sun is much lower there, in the cold north.

Swedes have constipation "Solentuna." The cells are similar to standard Austrian, but the style is "Ikea" pronounced. Authorities, however, say that every square inch of space covered convict video surveillance.

Imprisonment of Her Majesty "Adivel" in South Scotland operated by a private company "SODEXI justice service." In Britain, namely, the last three decades building the economy is almost entirely based on the development of the sector or Services, and the idea of ​​creating markets prisons took over from the Americans. Prisons in the United States, however, it is better not visit. "Adivel" is, therefore, a model prison for learning, whose population has at its disposal 40 hours a week training for job skills. There are battered citizens carefully trained (and raise) to go back one standard.

Similarly, in another country under the Crown Her Majesty - in a correctional facility, "Otago" in New Zealand are taught crafts, dairy and cooking.

The world has a lot of broken families because one or both parents behind bars. In Spain, they decided, "Aranjuez" is the first family prison.

Germans in the 20th Significant century innovators in the field of putting people behind the wire, I think to prisoners serving long sentences: Hamburg "Fulbitel", renovated in 2011, offers them a cell with a bed, sofa, shower and toilet. Available to them and washing machines, as well as a small meeting room - we believe that the Germans were always meticulous track of the fact that there is not in session the item on the agenda: the prison break.

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