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Monday, May 6, 2013

Ways to get rid of fleas naturally

Ways to get rid of fleas naturally. Fleas are kind of like cockroaches therein they adapt to their surroundings. They become stronger and additional resistant to these in style chemicals with every generation. Most of the fleas live in your pet’s surroundings, instead of in its fur. (Every ectoparasite found on your pet might mean that there more or less thirty additional living in your home.)

A single ectoparasite will lay as several as sixty eggs per day. The lifetime of a ectoparasite is regarding ninety days. dominant fleas will need some effort, however there ar there safer and effective ways that to regulate ectoparasites than many well-known industrial flea control product.

Even if all the ingredients in an exceedingly ectoparasite repellent product ar natural, this doesn’t make sure that they won’t be hepatotoxic to your pet. as an example, d’Limonene, that springs from citrus peels and located in several natural anti-flea product, is extremely hepatotoxic to cats. flavoring ectoparasite collars, although they don’t contain the poisons that typical ectoparasite collars do, escort constant warning: don't let youngsters play with the collar. If it’s not smart for your kid, why would it not be smart for your pet?

It is advisable  to browse product labels fastidiously. as an example, one line of purportedly natural ectozoon sprays and dips contains “all natural artificial Pyrethrin.” Pyrethrins area unit pesticides derived from the African chrysanthemum (Pyrethrum). Pyrethroids area unit artificial derivatives of pyrethrins. each area unit unremarkably utilized in standard preparations that create the merchandise sound innocent as a result of it’s derived from a flower. however pyrethrins alone will be cyanogenic to the animal and pyrethroids expose your animal to a lot of chemicals.
Diet and Fleas

Food and plant-derived substances area unit a healthy substitute for chemical-based merchandise. however area unit they sturdy enough to manage fleas and ticks? Well, why area unit some folks area unit a lot of liable to dipteron bites than others? There’s a nutritionary reason, and it's to try to to with the strength of every person’s system and also the levels of B-complex vitamin, zinc, antioxidant and antioxidants within the body and blood. a powerful system and high nutrient levels facilitate repel insects. (source: computer

If your cat or dog encompasses a severe ectozoon drawback, it's typically a sign that their health isn't because it ought to be. several business pet foods area unit nutritionally inadequate and contain harmful additives and by-products. By feeding your animals a high-quality, natural diet, freed from additives and preservatives, you improve their health and dramatically increase their protection from fleas. A healthy animal doesn't style or smell pretty much as good to fleas.
Plant Oils/Essential Oils

A second all-natural product which may facilitate cure one in all your dog’s worst enemies may be a natural plant oil wont to combat fleas. a brand new choice has finally arrived for several dog homeowners World Health Organization area unit yearning for a safer and a lot of natural approach in treating fleas

It is referred to as aromatherapy: a combination of various plant oils as a natural various to sturdy chemicals utilized in dominant fleas.

These powerful oils area unit extracted from plants employing a special variety of distillation method referred to as steam distillation. The formula is rubbed into the dog’s coat and is believed to be terribly effective in treating and preventing fleas.

Many of these natural plant oil products also contain essential oils such as lavender, lemongrass, and peppermint, which all helps to create a very soothing sensation on your pet’s skin and coat. These ingredients are also effective in repelling mosquito.

Here is some receipes for making your own pest control essential oil blends for your dog.  Take note you should use therapeutic grade oils, lesser brands can harm your dogs more then help.

To repel fleas: lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, and spearment

To repel ticks: lavender, lemongrass, sage, and thyme

To repel mosquitoes: lavender and lemongrass

Ticks & fleas:  geranium oil (good skin & coat conditioner)

Use five drops of each oil in an 8oz bottle of distilled water.  Make sure your botlle is either dark amber or cobalt to protect the integrity of the oils.  You will need to use a tincture like calendula tinture and a vegetable glycerin so that the oils will dissolve or blend in the water otherwise they will float to the top of the spritzer bottle.

You can use a combination of these oils to repel all three of these bugs. Spritz your dogs everytime you take them outside.

Cat owners take special note: Cats should not be given any essential oils, period.

The use of essential oils with cats may be a probably volatile combination. Cats don't with efficiency metabolise essential oils and their use will result in symptoms of toxicity. additionally to essential oils, cats have acknowledged metabolic sensitivities to bound seasoning preparations and medical aid medications. as a result of the cat’s body doesn't with efficiency discharge essential oils, they will build up to nephrotoxic levels. Symptoms of toxicity embrace forcing out, dizziness, clumsiness, lack of appetency, lack of energy and shock. additionally, cats have terribly skinny, delicate skin. Essential oils area unit absorbed apace into their skin and enter the blood, overwhelming their systems. Cats dislike robust odors and customarily prevent from robust scents — even extremely diluted essential oils.

Many people realize that they will use essential oils on their cats with no obvious adverse effects. though one or a lot of applications of a vital oil product or mix might not cause immediate hurt, the consequences of essential oils are {often|will be|is|may be} accumulative and manifest themselves at a later date within the sort of toxicity that house owners and vets often will realize no referable cause. (source:

Fleas significantly dislike the flavour of garlic and yeast (nutritional or brewer’s yeast). commixture garlic and yeast together with your pet’s food will render their blood unsavoury to fleas.

For dogs solely, simply use sliver slice of a clove of garlic daily in peak ectozoan season.  And one sliver slice weekly once ectozoan season has died down.  As garlic is said to the onion family giant doses will cause anemia.

Cat owners: Please remember that raw garlic is thought to be nephrotoxic to cats. in line with Dr. Randy Kidd, the employment of garlic, still as onions, shallots and chives, has been shown to cause harm to feline red blood cells which might end in anemia and ultimate death. Raw garlic and onions may cause ulcers and irritation of the mouth, oesophagus and abdomen.

Use a couple of teaspoon of brewer’s (or nutritional) yeast daily for cats and little dogs, and a tablespoon for a 50-pound dog. Some animals area unit yeast intolerant and can react with a skin allergic reaction. Discontinue use if this happens. mix the yeast with the garlic in your animal’s food.

Other natural repellents embrace vitamin B1 (thiamine) and apple vinegar. (See your Dr. for the right quantity of a vitamin B1 supplement for your pet.) The dose of apple vinegar is concerning one teaspoon daily within the pet’s water. Apple vinegar helps strengthen the system.

Combing your cat or dog daily with a ectozoan comb is a vital a part of ectozoan management. Bathing animals often is additionally suggested. there's no have to be compelled to use chemical ectozoan shampoos. A water bathtub with a delicate soap that won’t irritate their skin is ample to eliminate existing fleas.
Set Traps

You can lure fleas by inserting a dish of cleaner water below an evening lightweight close to wherever your pet sleeps. Fleas area unit drawn to heat lightweight and can simply drown within the cleaner water. This works for adult fleas solely, however with diligence, are often terribly effective reducing the ectozoan population. Fleas already residing on your pet aren’t doubtless to go away, therefore can|you'll|you may} still have to be compelled to ectozoan comb and/or bathe them during a delicate shampoo (even a baby shampoo will work as fleas don’t survive well in cleaner water). If the thought of keeping a cleaner water dish close to your pet isn't enticing, plug-in ectozoan traps area unit obtainable. These electrical traps area unit equally, if less, effective.
Sanitize Your Pet’s surroundings

Fleas lay their eggs all over — in carpets, curtains, upholstery, animal bedding, cracks and crevices. Destroying the ectozoans’ eggs by thorough weekly vacuuming and frequent laundry of animal bedding goes to the supply of the matter and can facilitate eliminate the flea population in your house. once vacuuming, take care to interchange the bag directly and take the bag out of the house. Keeping litter on the ground to a minimum additionally can deprive the fleas of activity places

While you can’t exterminate the fleas that your pet goes to encounter once it goes outside, you'll keep the population down within the space around your house by mistreatment nematodes. These microscopic worms eat ectozoan larvae and area unit so a natural thanks to management the ectozoan population.

You can purchase nematodes on-line, or at pet and garden stores. Place them in dampish, shady spots close to your house; neither fleas nor nematodes survive within the hot sun. As nematodes multiply apace, you've got solely to introduce atiny low variety to own the required result.

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