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Monday, June 10, 2013

Devices that are disappearing due to smartphones

Only slightly larger than the palm, and are responsible for as many items that we have years of good and faithful service in an emergency procedure retired. Some have completely forgotten. Others are still dimly remember. Who is next on the hit list?

Smart phones with their development and winning the hearts of customers caused 'mass slaughter' of other devices that are up to their arrival were an integral part of our lives.

Suffice it to recall the earlier time ten years ago, when cell phones still have small screens and were used only for making phone calls and sending text messages.

Today these basic functions in the background, and each new generation smart phone is equipped with new features and capabilities that threaten another player from our home.

But let's start from the beginning.


The younger ones probably only know from movies of the term 'little black book'. The older ones will recall leather booklet in which they enroll addresses and phone numbers of friends and business associates.

The advent of cell phones, and then the smart phone, the address book is moved from paper to digital form and completely disappeared from their desks and out of the bag.

Today, only a few remember phone numbers, physical and electronic addresses, and if they happen to lose your mobile device, created panic.

Alarm Clock

alarm clock
Rare are those who still have an alarm clock on his bedside table. And its role was taken over smart phone.

Instead of piercing sounds that woke half the neighborhood, now users can wake up to any song or sound you choose.

In addition, thanks to the application, the smart phone can remind them of important events or meetings at any time of day.

No more
excuse for forgetting or delays.  


Although some still in their cars have GPS navigation devices that guide them through unfamiliar areas, the fact is that more and more people rely on the navigation application in your smartphone.

Google Maps, and now Apple Maps have enabled users to at all times have a personal navigator in his pocket and found their final destination.

Additional plus smart phone is easier to update maps and navigation for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as updating traffic conditions and road works.


For years, high-quality watch was a status symbol. Today, it has become almost unnecessary.

Even those who wear it often reach for a smartphone to check the date or time, and the clock serves as a fashion accessory.

Wristwatch in the game to be able to return to a 'smart' release if all companies recently announced the production of smart watches benefit from their work.

Smart sat in this case was a hybrid between a smartphone and watch.

Fixed phone

Fixed phone
Data show that the growth of the number of people who do not have a fixed telephone line.

The reason for this is the lack of infrastructure, but the fact that in almost every household there is at least one mobile phone, and often more.

If each household has its own mobile phone, fixed phone becomes redundant, except as a decorative item and a reminder of the time when the tense waiting for it to ring.

In this category we can include and telephones that are coming from mobile phones have become redundant.

After all, do you know where your nearest telephone?

Radio, walkman, CD player and MP3 player

No matter if you listen to the radio or album of your favorite singer in the current era for this you need only your mobile phone and headset.

So one unit replaced radio, popular walkman, portable CD player and MP3 player.
Today, it is enough to connect the mobile phone to the Internet in a few finger strokes to reach hundreds of songs, movies, series or radio.
On your smartphone, you can watch TV while you wait in the bank or when everyone is looking for something else.

Camcorders and Cameras

Until a few years ago at the annual holiday are carrying a digital camera and a digital camera so you can capture fun moments.

Today is enough to bring a smart phone and provide enough space on the memory card.
Most smartphones have a lens that is better than the average digital camera, and thanks to additional applications photography can be processed immediately on the phone and are within a few minutes to send anyone.
The same is true for video recording. Just press a button, or just drag your finger across the screen a few times and already have a video camera in his hands.


Well, the smart phone may not be so soon replace the entire wallet, but it is well on its way to replace cash and credit cards.

Payment by NFC and applications for m-banking is slowly but surely physically ejected from the use of money.
You might not be able to throw your credit and bank cards, but the market is more and more applications that enable the digitization of these cards and payments through a smartphone.
In addition, the wallet you may have forgotten at home that way, but the mobile phone is probably not to drop out of hand.


A new generation of smart phones are all faster and stronger, and by their ability to measure and with computers.

Smart phones have all the stronger graphics card, all larger screens, and with a little practice and a few extra applications on them, you can do almost everything on the computer.
Experts predict that smartphones and tablets in the not too distant future to completely replace computers.
So do the smart phone with quad-core processor does not sound more like a computer than a phone?
As the smart phones continue to be developed, there will be some devices off the dustbin of history. Pension smiles consoles for gaming, but also keys for cars. Only a matter of time.

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