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Monday, June 3, 2013

Mens dilemma: Cars or girls

It has long been known that the good cars and beautiful women produce almost exactly the same reaction in men. Psychologists and psychiatrists explain as irritation and activating the same brain centers, but without the annoying and cumbersome explanations.

I personally have never experienced an erection looking at a car or thinking about it, but more than once I felt butterflies in my stomach because of the piece of metal on four wheels, but for females.

This then causes various comparisons between car-woman. We can debate on this subject for a long time, but they definitely SUVs are chubby girls, Roadsters - a topless girl, little GTI models - cute kid, a large executive sedans are always reminded me of MILF ladies. Somehow, whenever I see a Mercedes S class I think of
Kim Basinger.

Just like that are the top beauties. Smart, handsome, erotic and beautiful they are GT models of the human form and the two legs. It is equally difficult to obtain, just as expensive and tricky to maintain and equally striking, they are the dream of every man. Even the design of the car similar to the female body. The long hood as long legs, tall and short tail female background as a high waist and forms a hip ... Just look at the Jaguar XKR, Aston DBS and Maserati GranTurismo, and you will be all clear. Each of these cars has its counterpart in human form and I'd like Aston DBS hooked up with Charlize Theron and Maserati with Monica Belluci, but the taste is nothing to discuss, and I'm sure everyone has their favorites.

However, here we are on the threshold of great questions, and that is - if the car is surpassed man, whether he became superior creation, and whether in relation man-machine, in fact, weakest link?  

In fact, when you are relationship with top beautie this is not magically as you envision. She is often nervous, pain the ass, all her mind, not in the mood and not for sex. She got a bunch trips from adolescence, in which some are smaller complex or paranoiac. I do not agree best with your family, do not submit your simple and primitive friends, I've got nothing to wear and able to spend your fortune just for one night. There is no way that she will watch football or car race on TV with you. You're never quite sure that it does not fly with someone else, and that will not leave you for a richer guy. Maybe not as pretty without makeup, maybe not so good in bed, you may have a nasty tone of voice and ugly toes. The latter is, in the words of one of my friends foot fetishist, a very serious thing. If you go to her banging "counter" defend your male human rights and try to explain to her that the kitchen is the natural habitat of a woman (no matter how nice), you can be sure that she will go faster than it came. 

None of these problems you have with a car. Top GT model will never refuse a call for rush or hard core soft porn boulevard pampering. He will never leave you for another, he will never tell coddle stories of other cars, never look into shop windows and ask you for money, a couple of tires will wear only once. Leather interior will always be met with heated seats to suit you and your music will always be to your liking. Grand Turismo coupe will look just as good in the morning and in the evening or after a nasty hangover. It will not nag you and will not mind if it nervous to drive away in the "homeland" in the conversation. 

The point is that the cars that category become truly perfect vehicles. No more talk of poor quality and delicate finish, the owners of these cars used to suffer for the sake of exclusivity and prestige. Modern GT models are uptight and reliable. Perfectly balanced with tons of horses under the hood that are perfectly suited to gallop autobahn or lagging in the column on the traffic light. With a bunch of electronics that keeps you from yourself, and sufficient usable space to meet most everyday tasks. As long as they pour petrol, oil and water, they will blindly listen and be a perfect companion.

Because of this, the question is what is the ultimate male accessory? Beauty or GT car? What's better, what's more beautiful, what is more consistent in its appearance and impression, which is cheaper, with which it enjoys more and thus making it easier to live? If something have to wear a dress, what would it be? The car or the girl?

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