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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Choose skin for your Laptop

I recently stumble across on very interesting site, where you can make skins for your laptop, iPod, Xbox or gadgets.
What is about, on this site you can create skin (skins are pictures or wrappers that you can paste it on your laptop for example) for some of your favorite devices such as Laptop or iPod. Skin for your Laptop or iPod, can be whatever you want, just choose an picture that you like, it can be your pictures, pictures of your children, your favorite band, or you can choose one of their pictures if you prefer. Simply insert a picture that you like and their program will automatically create a skin and show you, and you can tell whether you like it or not, if you like, they will send you.
This site is easy to use, consists of three easy steps: first select the device that you want to create skin, then the image that you want and complete offer and that's it.
Click here to make your own skin!

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