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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Do not use traffic exchange sites for AdSense

Not many people know that if you use AdSense on your site or blog may not use traffic exchange sites to bring more visitors. Google is so serious about it, that they can even terminate your account.

I personally do not see any problem with it, but I suppose that someone in the past found a pattern to get more clicks by using the traffic exchange sites. For one of my sites I use only the traffic exchange sites to bring visitors, now the site has 30.000 unique visits, and I'm use AdSense, but I got not even one click.

And if you plan to make money on AdSense, do not use traffic exchange sites, because that will never make you money. This is because these people are there because they must, for getting credits that they can exchange for visits to their website or blog. They are there only while the timer is out the specified time, and immediately moving on to another site, so that visitors are not targeted and they are not make action, so it is unlikely to click on an ad.

It is better to use other ways to bring visitors to your site, such as social sites, but it is best if the visitor came from Google, because they make more action, and they will most likely click on an ad and Google support that and highly recommend.

So it is best if you have AdSense on your site that do not use traffic exchange sites, to avoid liquidation of your Google account.


  1. Google Ad Sense Message Boards Fraud
    Google Ad Sense is when a web site owner opens an account with Google to place advertisement on their web site. When a person clicks this advertisement, the web site owner gets an average commission of .45 cents. A web site that gets a lot of traffic, they can easily make $150,000 per month.
    There are message boards claiming to be informing the public about scams being done by companies or individuals. These web sites have individuals working for them for the sole purpose of targeting companies or individuals in order to generate traffic to the web site. This method is artificially generating traffic to the web site, this is FRAUD as outlined by Google. The higher the traffic, the higher the percentage of individuals that will click onto the Google advertisements.
    Additionally, Individuals post copy right information about a company on these types of web sites; this is against the policy of the Google Ad Sense program.
    If you believe that you are being targeted by individuals on a particular web site; simply click the Ads by Google in the bottom right hand corner of the advertisement on the web site. You will be taken to a Google page, click onto: Report a policy violation regarding the site or ads you just saw.
    File a report and the Google Fraud Department will investigate.

  2. hmm, i am just confused,is it ok to post my blog with adsense here in traffic now fire?

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