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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chack what pages from your site or blog Google has indexed

People ask me how to check if Google has indexed the page with their site or blog.
It is very important that Google indexes all the pages, because if they are not indexed, is not worth what you use the right keywords and you will not receive a visits from Google.

To Google crawled your site, you first have to attract attention of GoogleBot to visiting each of your page to check and index.

The simplest way to attract Googlebot attention is to create a back-link to the page you want Google to index. These links should be from sites with high PageRank, such as: Stumbleupon, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Ezine articles, and others. Give Google some time and it will index your page.

How to check which pages from your site or blog is indexed by Google?

Just in the Google search box, type "site: name of your site or," as you can see in the picture below I did it for my blog for example. Click on picture to see enlarge:

And Google will show you a list of your pages that is indexed by name, beginning with the page that has the highest PageRank. As you can see Google has indexed 24 of 31 posts as I had at the time, which is not bad. Click on picture to see enlarge:

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