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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Get better results on Google with Web 2.0 templates

Many people do not know that the position on Google really depends on the type template that you usin. I decided to test it, and I confirmed it. This is probably happen because of their form, and for search engines is much easier to find these blogs, but blogs that using old templates.

I made two blog, for first I was using a classic Blogger template, and second Web 2.0 template, which you can find completely free on the Internet.

Blog for which I was using a classic Blogger template, had 40 posts, 36 back links, 31 comments and PageRank 4th.

For second blog that I used the Web 2.0 template, had 15 posts, 9 back links, 8 comments, and had no PageRank.

For each blog I wrote a review for one of my sites and set up a link to that site.
When I enter the name of my site to Google, on the first page it was always with the Web 2.0 blog template, and a blog with a classic Blogger template then on the third page.

I concluded that the reason is probably template, because the content was the same on both the blogs, but blog web 2.0 template better rank on Google.

My advice is if you create a WordPress or Blogger blog, using Web 2.0 template. These template you can find for free, just type "free web 2.0 templates", download template that you want and install it to your blog, and Google will be much easier to find your blog.

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