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Monday, March 12, 2012

In the world there are more than a thousand billionaires

The American business magazine "Forbes" has published a list of more than 1,000 billionaires. The most affluent quarter of a century Gates, Buffett, Rockefeller, Betankur, Itojama ...

Heading the list of the richest among the rich world, the "list" of American business magazine "Forbes", the third consecutive year, the Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim with 69 billion dollars. Slim is in front of the Americans Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, heavy 61 billion or 44 billion.

"Forbes" has published this year a record number of 1226 billionaires with average wealth of the $ 3.7 billion. Most of them, 425, remains in the U.S., but elsewhere there was a change. Russia is a rich man overtaken by China with 96 billionaires.

In the year that marks 25 years of publishing lists of the rich, "Forbes" has identified the 24 billionaires who have since 1987. consecutive years among the most affluent. In this club, with Gates and Buffett, and a descendant of the family whose name is a symbol of American wealth - David Rockefeller. The only living grandson of the founder of "Standard Oil", invest the family money in banking and the New York real estate.

The daughter of the founder of cosmetics company "L'Oreal", France's Lilian Betankur increased the wealth of a billion dollars in 1987, the current 24 billion. Descendant of the founder of British supermarket "Senzberis" baron of Senzberi Turvila, although not significantly increased wealth, he managed to keep him at a level that it has been classified as "wealthy classics", including a Japanese mogul Eitaro Itojama, owner of nine golf courses.

Most wealthy "great" has gained a wealth of really big thanks to the inheritance. Deviate from this rule osvnivač "Microsoft" Bill Gates, and Li Ka-Sing from Hong Kong. I worked from 12 year to support his family. The first million earned by the production of artificial flowers. Of 1.6 million, Li increased the wealth of 25.5 billion dollars, making it the richest man in Asia.

 Russian capital, haven for billionaires

MOSCOW - The number of billionaires in Moscow was the first world. According to the list of "Forbes", in Moscow, 78 billionaires live in New York 58, in London 39th However, among the 20 richest people in the world does not have the Russians. Among them it is 13

Russia's richest citizen Alisher Usmanov, co-owned mining holding metaluškog "Metaloinvest", and his fortune was 18.1 billion dollars to 28 the place.

Usmanov (59) is originally from Uzbekistan. His father was in the Soviet era was a prosecutor in Tashkent. Alisher has completed the law in Moscow. His wife, Irina Viner is the coach of numerous Russian Olympic champion in artistic gymnastics.

Two of the most famous Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich and Mikhail Prokhorov. Abramovich - now 68th the "Forbes" list with 12.1 billion - rose to prominence by buying "Chelsea" and spend the largest yachts in the world.

Prokhorov - 58 on the list with 13.2 billion dollars - which became known worldwide when running for president of Russia, Putin has publicly called on the government.

- Mikhail Dmitrievich (Prokhorov) is a serious man, a good entrepreneur and, in principle, could be useful in the government - said Putin

Putin's friend Gennady Timčenko, co-owner of the oil sales company with a Swiss offshore company "Gunvora", a $ 9.1 billion.


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