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Monday, October 15, 2012

Facebook marketing and promotion

When using Facebook as a marketplace for business, we can use its vast user base - Facebook has over 500 million users. You can use a large amount of demographic information that Facebook has to target a specific user. Facebook applications are an excellent platform to expand market operations. We can create an interactive application that enables users to interact with the brand.

Facebook promotion or campaign use as a temporary way to increase consumer awareness about your brand. Combined use of ads, fan pages and applications, you can create an experience for the user that your brand is present in different parts of Facebook. The best way to get to you people to go where they are - and today, they're all on Facebook.

Today actually a good marketing is all about using social media. Although it may include other social networks like Twitter, Facebook is by far the largest and certainly one that you want to use.

Traditional marketing involves attempts to persuade consumers to buy the product. Using social networks puts your brand in a viral wave of social movements, because you want to create something great, and something that users will be happy to share among themselves.

If you create a Facebook fan page to promote a brand or product, you need to promote your Facebook fan page to win over more fans.

How to attract more fans?

Facebook fan pages can be promoted in many ways. The most effective way to promote fan page, which is very easy to implement:

1) Invite your friends

The first step is to invite your friends to your site that could be useful, interesting or attractive to join.

2) Mail-promotion

Tell the members of your target mailing list about the new Facebook page. Facebook allows you to easily import all my email contacts. Click on the "Import Contacts" and opens the dialog box.

To increase the visibility of the more your Facebook pages, include the URL of the Facebook page in your email signature for all business correspondence.

3) Add the "Like" on the website

Adding a button "Like" the website will allow users of your website to find out about your Facebook fan page and become fans.

4) Give the fans something original

One of the most effective ways to increase the number of fans and encourage them to share a link to your Facebook fan page with your friends is to give all fans something worthwhile, something you can not get anywhere else but only on your Facebook fan page.

A few gift ideas and special offers for fans:

  • Free product - for example, the software can download a book or in an electronic format. In both cases, the cost to you is minimal, and the potentially large benefits.
  • Free delivery products for Facebook fans
  • Exclusive Coupon for Facebook fans
  • Every week a new action for Facebook fans  

5) Organization of competitions

Contests are a very effective way to encourage Facebook users to become fans of your page. Competitions can be very attractive incentive.

A good example is a recent event organized by I want Mac! Serbia where the grand prize was an iPod Touch player. Only fans were able to participate in the contest and fight for the grand prize iPod Touch. The contest lasted six weeks and at the end of each week, chose the winner for that week to win an iPod Shuffle. At the end of the sixth week was selected the winner of the main goals.

6) Advertising on Facebook

The biggest advantage of advertising on Facebook is that advertising can be a very good target. Facebook advertising can target customers by location, age, gender, education, keyword, job, language, interests ... very useful feature is that you can target a particular fan of the connection, event or group - which means that you can target and fans of its competitors, friends of friends and so on. Or, you can target only users who are not already connected to a specific fan page.

7) Participation in other Facebook groups and fan pages that are targeting your target audiences

This is a very good way to get the attention of target customers. But stand as a true participant interested in the interaction that adds value to their participation, and not to spam their customers with links. Facebook is primarily a social network and the largest number of users and fans there to socialize or to learn something new, get answers to your questions and more.

8) Advertising on major search engines

You can run a PPC campaign to your landing page. The landing page or landing page is one to which a visitor reaches after clicking on a link to your Facebook page.

9) Promotion Facebook fan page on Twitter

You can very easily connect to Facebook fan page with twitter. You can choose whether you want to share your status, photos, links, notes and events.

10) Optimize your Facebook fan page for the search engines and build links (link building) to the target page

Optimizing Facebook Pages to a certain extent from SEO sites. Details about optimizing Facebook fan page you can learn in the article SEO Facebook page.

I use this technique to find the real and high quality fans for my clients. These fans are more likely to like, share and comment posts on Facebook fan page that I maintain in the name of my clients. I find clients on  Paid Seocial Media Jobs website, this is great site to find clients that will pay you 500-600 dollars monthly. If organize your work day, you can cooperate with more clients and thus earn more money.  


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